coffee + arepa bar

We work closely with our local roaster and invite you to sample coffees from some of the most of the hottest roasters from around the nation and Mexico. Our coffees are organic, fair trade, and environmentally cultivated and harvest.

Café standards

3.75 Espresso


4.5 Cortado


4.75 Cappuccino

con leche corto

5.75 Latte

con leche

4 Americano

El guero

5 Hot Chocolate


Bolívar signature

6 bolívar

condensed milk

6 Tacuba

Mexican caramel

6 Mocha Oaxaqueño

Pa tí

6 Mocha Belga


M/P Pour over

café colao

On the Rocks!

4.75 Cold Brew

café frío

5.50 Iced Latte

con leche en rocas

6 Iced Mocha

sin palabras